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How it works

Welcome to 
Dail 1 to proceed and 
Dail 2 to information on how we work 
Dail 1 to proceed: 
Please enter 0011 + dialing code and then the destination number followed by the # key. 
Dail 2 to information on how we work. 
Call is the cheap way you can call your family and friends overseas from your mobile phone simply use up your all inclusive minutes from your mobile call plan and effectively call overseas for free.

When you dail overseas please enter the standard 0011 + dialing code and then the destination number followed by the # key.

Dial our 1300516329 and you wont get charged extra other then the rates specified on our You can call our access number, you will only be charged as per your normal mobile call rate specified by the phone provider.  There are no extra charges to call our numbers other then the cost specified 

Making calls from your mobile and landline 
You can call our mobile access number to call many countries, please check access numbers. 
Use your mobile CAP plan inclusive minutes or land phone to mobile cap free minutes to call other numbers, you can use those free minutes to call our mobile access numbers. You will only be get charged as per the calling rates specified by your service provider or specified on our website. 
Cut your international call rates from your mobile and get charged only local mobile charges and connect to your loved ones in overseas.

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